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“Fabulous Folktales Told From My Front Room”

“Fabulous Folktales Told From My Front Room”

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Nine classic tales and two of Melea’s allegorical tales.

Musically scored stories include: The Worriers/ The Fisherman and His Wife/The Grain of Rice/The Wooden Bowl/The Cobbler and the King/ The Land of Blues/The Rabbi’s Gift/The Selfish Giant/ Joshua and the Princess/The Willow Leaf Eyebrow/The Heavenly City

“I’ve been known to quiet a car full of noisy kids with this CD…” Melea

Audio highlights “Shadows and Light” by Perry Moore and the Shaker Tune “Simple Gifts”

The Worriers, by Melea J. Brock. In this tale Melea, weaves a family, alliteration, and the subject and drive of worry into one hilarious frenzy resulting in a call from God. Children to adults love this story.

The Fisherman and His Wife, The Brothers Grimm captured a hilarious tale of truth concerning power and position and the Truth that we can want to be many things, but we “…cannot be God!” Great story for a marriage retreat or Valentine’s celebration.

 The Grain of Rice, a folktale found in several countries. A story of the power of understanding and using the gifts and talents we have been given. Couples nicely with a teaching on spiritual gifts.

The Wooden Bowl, a German folktale, “… and a little child shall lead them”.  A story about how to serve, love and respect the elder in our midst.

The Cobbler and The King, a folktale found in several countries.  A king disguises himself to walk among the people he serves, only to learn of his own need of the simplicity of the common folk he longs to serve. Actor Gary Bayer joins Melea in this telling.

The Land of Blues, by Melea J. Brock, a tongue-in-cheek tale about The Land of Blues learning a new tune—one of gratefulness called “I Have.” Great family story.

The Rabbi’s Gift, by Francis Dorff, two great religions—Catholicism and Judaism—meet in this story and find they have much in common for “The Messiah is among you.” Deep.  Great teaching material.

The Selfish Giant, by Oscar Wilde, one of his most beautiful fairytales about a giant moving from self-interests and possessiveness to selfless love by way of knowing the Christ-child. Great discussion story.

Joshua and The Princess, author unknown, a spoiled little princess learns a lesson about judging others and true wisdom coming in humble containers, rather than proud and haughty ones. Great children’s ministry story.

The Willow-Leaf Eyebrow, a beautiful Chinese folktale about forgiveness, righting the wrongs we can, and true love. Marriage retreat material. Great discussion material.

The Heavenly City, a Jewish folktale. A story about being satisfied with where we live and what we have.  This story leaps into discussion over being at peace with where you are at in life.

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