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Ralph Twigger Stories

Ralph Twigger Stories

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Three original stories about Melea’s serialized character Ralph Twigger - everyone’s favorite senior citizen!

The musically scored stories include: Ralph Twigger|Ralph Twigger, Innkeeper|Ralph Twigger, Missionary

Ralph Twigger, is the first story and an introduction to Ralph Twigger, the single mom next door, Debra, and her two boys  - Josh and Jeremy. They all move next door to Ralph’s apartment - turning his heart and life upside-down - but in a good way.

Ralph Twigger, Innkeeper, Ralph is a true Grinch and the Innkeeper that turned baby Jesus and his parents away. There is no room in the Inn, but the boys will not allow his sadness and grief to take away the truth of Christmas. The introduction of Ralph’s deceased wife, Rachel, is endearing and causes one to remember the widows and widowers around one’s lives, especially at Chirstmas

Ralph Twigger, Missionary, Ralph is on fire for God as a new believer—filled with joy and a desire to serve. He is invited to serve as a leader on the high school mission trip and it is here where Ralph and Todd Jenkins, one mean  and tough dude, have a meeting of the minds and hearts.

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