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“Right-Side-Up Stories for Upside-Down People”

“Right-Side-Up Stories for Upside-Down People”

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Melea’s first compilation of stories. Soft cover with gatefold bookmark, and artwork by Karen Newe.  Stories included are:  Step Inside|The Land of Stinky Feet|Mary Alice Bennett’s Box|The Worriers|Ralph Twigger, Innkeeper|The Land of Now!|The King Who Waits, plus encouragement on how to use stories and storytelling in your everyday living.

“I’m a nurse, a mother and a friend who loves a good story - whether it’s mine or someone else’s! That’s why I can highly recommend this small volume of awesome stories. Not only have we listened and told these stories as a family, again and again… and I have given the book away as gifts to friends and patients alike.”

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