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“Step Inside…Where Stories Come to Life” Book & CD – Buy 1 Get One Free!

“Step Inside…Where Stories Come to Life” Book & CD – Buy 1 Get One Free!

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This book & CD includes 12 of Melea’s original stories, and “coffee moments” where Melea talks about the power of using storytelling in your everyday life. It is double gate-folded, the incredible water-color artwork by Karen Newe, deckled edged paper, purple ink, all adding to its gift quality. The book includes six of Melea’s time-honored stories: The King Who Waits|The Worriers|The Beautiful Kingdom and the Regular Kingdom|The Sack|The Fountain|The Land of Stinky Feet.

The six new stories: The Great King’s Longing (chapter 2 of The King Who Waits)|Grudge Bearer|The Land of Sighs|A Song For the Darkness/Suitcases|The Giants Without Manners, all of these are included on a musically scored CD by Perry Moore. 

“Step Inside in a word is ‘beautiful’!”

“Whimsical yet thought-provoking.”

“Step inside possesses all the qualities to teach, motivate and transform lives.”

The Six Newer Story Decriptions:

The Giants Without Manners, is a modern-day fairytale and commentary on our culture. Children love it because it’s about giants and a fairy. Adults love it because they know some of these giants. A singable song bookends the story.

The Land of Sighs, a modern-day folktale of transformation concerning the unspoken, seemingly benign judgment of a sigh. Granny Mona - the Queen of the Sighers - spoke thousands of things through her sigh until one day, when everything changed through the power of a story of healing.  A short story that packs plenty of punch and reflection. 

The Grudge Bearer, is exactly that—a story of letting go of a grudge to gain everything. Once again,

 Melea’s parable-like style shortcuts its way to the impact of what will happen if we carry grudges—unforgiveness against others. Ages 13 and younger find this story intriguing, and those 13 and older find a Truth for personal freedom.

Suitcases, is a story about the cross. What are your modern-day self-sufficiencies that hold you back from the most dynamic relationship you will ever have? This story, with its layers of allegorical meaning, answers this question and brings definable Hope to the listener about the Cross of Christ  Beautiful original vocal music, "Lines" by Perry Moore.

The Great King’s Longing, is the second part of Melea’s most requested written story, “The King Who Waits.”  To know God is an incredible thing, but to know God longs for us, treasures us, pursues relationship with us, is almost too much for us to dare to believe is true. Be sure to read or listen to “The King Who Waits” first 

A Song for the Darkness, is a “coming of spiritual age” kind of story. It’s about a young woman who doesn’t believe she has a story worth knowing, telling, nor sharing with anyone.  However, she finds a peculiar message in the darkness and dust of her now deceased Aunt’s treasures. It brings hope alive for Constance and an understanding of the word ‘legacy’. A story of vast importance for young adults and those that love them.
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