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Stories for the Child Within, Listen With Your Heart

Stories for the Child Within, Listen With Your Heart

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“Stories for the Child Within | Listen with Your Heart | For the Church"

DOUBLE CD COLLECTION which includes audio from Listen With Your Heart, Stories For The Child Within and For the Church…Stories of Love and Forgiveness

Mary Alice Bennett’s Box, Melea J. Brock.  A story about God speaking to a young girl from age ten through her later years, which began with a box on a craft table at camp.  The story addresses loss, depression, hope and the love of a God who knows us intimately and personally.  A story that Melea is often asked to tell.  Children and adults alike love this story.

The Fountain, by Melea J. Brock. An allegorical story about healing and God’s redemptive and transformational love. Great sermon and teaching material.

The King Who Waits, by Melea J. Brock. This is her first story as she began her work as a storyteller. It was written for a group of college students.  Melea was asked to teach on the subject of developing a relationship with God.  Rather than teach, she told a story.  One of her most requested stories.  See “The Great King’s Longing” for part two of the story.

The Regular Kingdom and the Beautiful Kingdom, Melea J. Brock. A look at what true beauty and acceptance within a fairytale-like story.

The Land of Stinky Feet, Melea J. Brock.. An allegorical story about serving others.

The Sack, by Melea J. Brock. What keeps us from Him… from living a life of freedom? Unforgiveness, wounds and hurts inflicted by others, never measuring up, hatred, grief, mistakes. An allegory about letting go.

The Land of Now!, by Melea J. Brock. The old “tyranny of the urgent vs. the important” in a Dr. Seuss-ish rhyme style. Mothers love this story!

The Place called HOME, by Melea J. Brock. A piece of prose that speaks to the deep need we all have to be accepted, loved and wanted at home.

God Comes A-Neighboring, as told by Andrew B. Smither. A powerful true story about forgiveness told in the setting of the 1800’s. Christmas is there, in all of its glory.

Abraham and Mary, a story from the Desert Fathers, appropriate for ages 12 and up.  A story about sin and costly redemption.

Charlie’s Picture, lived out and written by Dr. Stephen Weathers. It could be the story told in any church across America.  It’s about judgment and tolerance, acceptance and receiving others as Christ would.

Church For The Found, Melea J. Brock. An allegorical tale of a ‘Church For The Found, membership 6’—the story takes The Parable of the Great Banquet or The Wedding Feast (Matthew 22:1-14, Luke 14:15-24) to an up close and personal view in our age of “Churchianity”.

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