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“The Christmas We All Crossed The Bridge”

“The Christmas We All Crossed The Bridge”

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A story of hope and restoration. A story for the Church and the people in that church one rainy Christmas Eve that changed everything. Long ago, Melea wrote this short fictional story that has the familiar ring of a true story. Then we created it into this “masterpiece” of a hand-made book, by way of the creative skills of Karen Newe. 

This is the remaining of a limited printing of a beautiful hand-made book with an all-important blanket tie. Signed by Melea. Audio version available. It’s also been reproduced into a play, as well. Only 1 copy purchase, please.

We are down to the final books…when they’re gone -  **sniff* * -  they’re gone (until we get some $ to recreate them, once again)!

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