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The Green Velvet Christmas Dress

The Green Velvet Christmas Dress

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What is our entire life could be summed up in an embroidered phrase of our choosing, saved and then passed on from generation to generation – what would yours say and what would mine say?

This story will cause you to ponder your own living legacy through the lives of six women -- Emma, Rachel, Laurel & Barb, Julie and Marla. It all begins with a bolt of green velvet in the 1879 and travels to our present day and age.

The Green Velvet Christmas Dress is a beautiful hardbound book by writer and storyteller, Melea J. Brock, with illustrations (full color paintings) by Janelle Kujath, graphic design and cover by Joshua Petrillo. 

The book is also available in a green velvet-like gift sleeve for $18.00. Also available: in a green gift-sleeve, signed and limited numbered ( __ through 100) for $25.00.

The story also exists in two play forms (and available for performance use) and will be performed in the San Gabriel Valley, December of 2023.

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